Wednesday 2 December 2020

Virus scan finished, back-ups started, dosed up for the afternoon, sooo...

...just waiting for my Fitbit to finish charging up and the back-ups to finish too, then I can check my email for the first time today, take my last two pills of the day then head to bed.


Didn't have anything for lunch, just 10 chocolate biscuits for tea 😄

I've just finished doing my squats and added them to my spreadsheet for another day.  I'm pondering on stopping the planks each night 'cos I don't think they're reducing my thighs and they definitely aren't helping my belly, just making my arms ache, so maybe I should stick to the sit-ups and leg raises each night and aim to increase them pretty significantly 'cos I won't be so cream-crackered after the planks❓

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