Wednesday 9 December 2020

Catch-up on what's been going on this afternoon

I've managed to sucessfully update the news on my 3 sites, taken my Calcium, brought the groceries in and put them away, adjusted next week's grocery order and booked a slot for 2 weeks later so we're just missing a slot during Christmas week now.


The virus scan didn't find any nasties on my machine 👌 and the backups finished first time while I was taking the groceries through 👍, so I can now open up my emails for the first time today and then hopefully have something to eat for the first time since breakfast, let that "go down" then head to bed.

We're having omlette and chips for tea very soon apparently, 'cos Steve's almost finished watching whatever he's watching on his computer, so I'm gonna hopefully take my evening pills at 7pm 🕖 and hopefully be snoring before 9pm 🕘 for the first time this month.

Need to do my squats first though, before I forget again.

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