Monday 28 December 2020

It's snowed overnight around here!

Just been to take the last mince pie box out and there's a fair-ish amount of snow out there.  It's far from deep, but way more than a dusting 'cos you can't tell what colour the cars are that have parked in the street.


I'm grateful to the Green Man for waiting until the puppy had crossed over to Rainbow Bridge and after we'd got home on Christmas Day and put the rubbish and recycling out yesterday before he sent it down so that I felt confident walking in it.


Gonna sort out our third recycling box now, so that we can put the week's worth of plastic bottles in it before it's collected on the 4th.  We're really good at sorting the recycling from the rubbish and only put out a single black bag of rubbish each week, but at least one full box of recycling and it'll be three next week 'cos there are already two out there lol


I've already taken my morning pills and had my breakfast (the last 3 mince pies of the season), put the Fitbit spreadsheet onto my site and set the deep virus scan going, so now I'll put the glass into a bag and use our third recycling box for plastic again, until it's collected next week, then do my squats and sort out the news.  Not gonna study today, at least until the groceries have been delivered.

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