Wednesday 30 December 2020

Taken my morning pills, backed up my machine, had my breakfast and...

...caught up on 3 days worth of emails.  The virus scan finished 36 minutes before I came downstairs but it restarted instead of shutting down for some bizarre reason.  Not to worry though, it's all finished for another month, just the standard daily and weekly scans to do now, same as normal.

We're having veggie burgers for lunch today, but Steve couldn't work out what the tongs were from the picture on the box until I told him 😌 so we're putting C's Christmas gift to good use already 👍  I'm hoping for pasta 'n' sauce tomorrow so that he can try out the drainage spoon as well.  We'll be able to christen the cutlery then too.


My FitBit has finished charging up now, so time to put it back around my ankle again.  Gonna do my squats after I've done the news.

Steve's made us both a "posh decaf coffee" in the cafetierre so we're slowly drinking our way through that too.  Wanna study again after I've done the three sets of news... we shall see if there's enough time left though.  


It's only 2 days before JanNo starts and I'm gonna write the puppy's biography for it.  I won't want it available to everyone, but I want paper copies for those who knew her.  There will be tears and photos a-plenty, but it'll be my way of saying thank you and goodbye to her.

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