Wednesday 22 February 2023

Fifth update to today's to-do list

  • Wake up
  • Take morning pills
  • Run weekly virus scan
  • Do weekly backups
  • Have breakfast
  • Get washed and dressed with a carer
  • Put yesterday's delivery together - I've been trying to put it together for the last 10 minutes and pulled a muscle in my arm, so it'll have to wait until Marie or Andrew can do it at the weekend - scratch that, I've just done it with only a minor injury to my arm lol
  • Mop the kitchen floorit'll have to wait until the weekend 'cos I'm not strong enough to put it together - scratch that too... I'm gonna do it when I've recovered a bit so that I don't end up on the floor, unable to get up.
  • Clean the bathroom - I'm swapping today and Saturday around, so this is Saturday's job now
  • Bring in first delivery
  • Put first delivery away
  • Bring in second delivery
  • Put second delivery away
  • Put first load of laundry on
  • Put second load of laundry on
  • Have lunch
  • Take lunchtime pill
  • Offer the bread machine and yeast on Freegle
  • Offer microwave on Freegle
  • Write some more of the sequel
  • Read and review 9 Kindle Unlimited books
  • Take evening pills
  • Go to bed

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