Monday 27 February 2023

Mornin' all

How are you all doing this morning?

It was good while it lasted, but I've started this week with less than 8 hours of sleep again, which is frustrating, but hey ho, not to worry eh?

I've taken my morning pills and I got my sums wrong with when I'd be paid again - I thought it was today but I was wrong, it's next week... I knew it would be too good to actually have some money in my account lol

I've gotta remember to weigh myself, then code and upload the spreadsheet to my homepage... I really can't afford to lose any more weight.

I've got a couple of deliveries due from Amazon at some point today and knowing my luck they'll turn up while I'm naked in the bathroom or at the bottom of the stairs getting dressed lol  Gotta bring the rubbish and recycling containers in too when they've been picked up.  My daily virus scan has just finished and my machine is still free from nasties, thankfully.

Wanna get a bit more reading done today, in amongst all the other things I've got going on 'cos it felt sooo good to escape into a different world yesterday.

I'm gonna put up today's to-do list then go and get my breakfast I reckon.


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