Friday 24 February 2023

Mornin' all

I was obviously knackered yesterday 'cos I managed almost 9 hours of sleep and was only restless 5 times so was awake at 5am today instead of my usual 3-4am!

I've taken my morning pills, gone for a wee and poo and started off my daily virus scan.  I'm gonna put up my to-do list then go and make my breakfast methinks... in a change from the norm I'm gonna be having fruit and fibre for a while instead of my usual chocolatey ones 'cos I'm trying to knock my addiction to chocolate on the head again.  Depending on what time my carer goes, I might have my last caffeinated drink of the week too.

I've got a phone appointment with a company who might be able to sort out the heating and my bills and stuff this afternoon which I'm already nervous about in case I say the wrong thing or forget to say something important.  I've gotta stop saying that I'm fine and I can cope when the reality is that I'm not and I can't.

I'm gonna publish this now and go and get my breakfast so that I can finish eating it before my morning carer gets here.

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