Wednesday 22 February 2023

Goood morning all!

Today is gonna be a good day, I can "feel it in my bones" as my Nana used to say... or was that rain?  😆

I sorted out a technical issue without panicking this morning... the same thing happened exactly a week ago and it took about 3 hours to solve and I wasn't a happy bunny, but I managed to sort it out in about half an hour this morning.

I forgot to charge up the landline phone yesterday, so that's getting a bit of much-needed juice before my carers come and it definitely needs to go for an overnight charge tonight so that it doesn't switch off mid-conversation with an important call.

I've got the last couple of deliveries arriving today and I'm gonna put yesterday's mop together and give the kitchen floor a good going over after the morning carers have gone.  I definitely need to have breakfast today 'cos I totally forgot yesterday!

I've taken my morning pills and set the virus scan going, so I'm gonna go and make myself some breakfast, then I think I'll make myself a Mocha when my morning carers have been and gone, but I'm gonna try making it with caffeinated coffee instead of decaff to see which i prefer... I might even be able to start on my TBR pile again too.

For the first time in 3 months, I'm feeling like I can cope with today.

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