Sunday 26 February 2023



I've had a pig-out for lunch and brought leftovers home ready for either later on today if I get hungry or to go with my soup tomorrow, like I did last week.  The doorbell is up and working and so is my new whiteboard and I've taken all the rubbish and recycling out so I'm all set for an afternoon of reading children's books now!

Gotta remember to find and invest in some teeny tiny batteries to go into the bell bit of the doorbell so that I'm prepared for the one that came with it conking out with no warning.  Marie put the noticeboard, bell and button within my reach so that I can be totally independent with it all without having to pester her for something as minor as changing a battery.

I've done just over 3,000 steps today but no active minutes which is fair enough... will I hit 4,000 steps before bedtime I wonder?

I've got a drinking choccie on the go, so I'm gonna start charging up my FitBit so that it records my sleep tonight, while I'm indulging in way too much chocolatey goodness as I read and review this morning's children's books.

I've just bought what I hope are the right batteries for the bell, and a space-saving device to go onto the counter above the washer/dryer so that I can keep that area decluttered.

Just had the reminders come up for the books and I've drained my drinking choccie, so I'm gonna go and get myself a glass of water then settle down for an afternoon of reading after I've taken my lunchtime pill and refilled the dosette box ready for next week.

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