Friday 24 February 2023

I was wrong about the non-wool laundry cycle

I could have sworn that the non-wool laundry didn't get dried if I used the rapid, 30 minute wash, but I figured I'd give it ago and use the "air fresh" cycle if it was still wet.

The cycle has just finished so I nervously opened the door and my clothes *were* dry after all, so the machine only needs to be on for 30 minutes for the first load of (non-wool) laundry instead of the almost 4 hours that it's been on pretty much since I got it.  My wool things (two cardigans and a woollen top) still need to go on the wool cycle (obviously) for 3 hours and 50 minutes, but I've saved myself the best part of 3 hours worth of electricity every day now which should really cut down on my electricity usage and therefore charge now!

Gertrude (the washer/dryer) is saving me even more money than I thought which will save the electricity and go a small way to doing my part for the environment too!  Thank you Gertrude and Gaia (my Goddess) for encouraging me to try it one last time!

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