Monday 20 February 2023

Gooood morning all!

I've woken up in an incredible mood this morning!

I've popped my pills already so I'm gonna go and make myself a hot drink then have a few choccies before breakfast and weighing myself.  Gonna put the first load of yesterday's laundry on first though!

I finished coming up with the menu's until the start of April after I got home yesterday and the last week is veeery pasta heavy 'cos 4 meals out of the 7 will be pasta and sauce and there will be one box of home-made soup left by the end of that week so I'll have to find something else to have on the Monday instead lol

I'm gonna see how long I can do without the heating being on this week... it doesn't need to be on all day every day and it will save a good amount of money just having it on when I'm cold, rather than all the time - I don't need to be warm all the time, just not cold is all.  My head is telling me to turn the heating on in here but I'm not going to for as long as possible 'cos it doesn't need to be on yet and I'll feel more benefit from it only being on for a few hours rather than constantly too.

My toe is starting to heal up a bit more now, but picking the scab off was maybe not the wisest idea out there lol  It's a habit thing rather than a necessity and I've gotta break that habit, just like I did with biting my nails and pulling out my hair.  It's breakable, I've just gotta catch myself before it's too late is all.

Just started the daily virus scan, so now it's time for sorting out my day's to-do list, then breakfast, then weighing myself I reckon.  Gotta remember to keep an eye on the battery level on my FitBit too.  I'm gonna maybe let the battery go until about 75% rather than 79% just to see if I can take it that low and it still records my steps and sleep.  I might wait until like 5pm before I charge it up today so that it's full of juice for recording my sleep but as low as possible before I charge it up.  I think 75% is the absolute minimum, but we shall have to see.

I've got a busy day ahead of me and I've gotta remember to bring the rubbish and paper/card sacks back in when they've been emptied this morning as well as seeing my social worker this afternoon so I'm gonna reward myself with reading again at some point, so that I can get through my TBR pile... only got 9 more books to read before I load my Kindle up again lol

The virus scan has just finished and my machine is still free of nasties for another day, so that's reassuring.

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