Sunday 26 February 2023

Goood morning all

I obviously needed that early night last night 'cos I managed 9 hours and 15 minutes of sleep overnight and I'm feeling sooo much better this morning because of it!

I've gotta remember to take the rubbish and recycling out when I get back this afternoon... I can't do it now 'cos my carer needs to be able to get rid of her PPE and Marie is gonna put the new notice board and doorbell up for me when we get back, so she'll have things to bin and recycle too so it's pointless doing anything before then or I'd have to re-sort the rubbish and recycling which would make double the work for myself.  I'm gonna put everything other than food waste out today 'cos there's so little food waste in such a huge bag that it's pointless, so that'll go out next week, but there's some plastic and glass to get rid of (not much, admittedly, but enough), so that'll be going out today.

I'm gonna put up my to-do list then have my breakfast I reckon.  There won't be a lunch photo today 'cos I'll be with my in-laws and don't take a photo while I'm with them, but there *will* be a breakfast photo.

Just dosed myself up for this morning... gotta remember to fill the box ready for next week after I take my lunchtime one today.

Started the virus scan for today... fingers crossed that it'll still be clear again.

Time to put my day's to-do list up now I reckon.

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