Thursday 23 February 2023

Mornin' all

How are you all doing so far this morning?

I'm doing OK, just cold as always.  I've taken my morning pills and started off the virus scan so today's big tasks to do is to sort out the electric and see my enabler this afternoon... you watch me forget again, like I did yesterday, though! 😄

I'm gonna put today's to-do list up now then go and get myself some breakfast methinks, ready for the carer to come and help me to get washed and dressed, then I'm gonna have my second mocha of the week methinks.

I started adding things to my Amazon wishlist yesterday that I'll be able to buy when Steve's chair has eventually been taken away and I'm gonna put fake plants on the shelves when all of Steve's stuff has been taken and I'm gonna get rid of the microwave and not replace it, just put some fake plants there too.

Time for the to-do list and breakfast now though!

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