Saturday 29 September 2018

Book review: "Letting go of ego" by Michael Westbrook

⭐⭐⭐⭐ out of 5

I was initially wary of this book... worried that it would tell me that I was too egotistical and that I need to turn my life around.

I was wrong.

I also thought that it'd shove Christianity down my throat because of literally a sentence on the first page and again in the penultimate chapter.

I was wrong again.

Thankfully the author doesn't blame his reader for their ego, he talks from personal experience and suggests you try things that he's got personal experience of.

Everyone in the world has an ego.  Everyone.  What I was confusing it with before I read this book was too much self confidence or even mis-judged self confidence.  I know now that they are close but different.

This is a very quick read... I'm talking like 3 hours max and is definitely worth those few hours.

If you're worried that your ego is too big or you've been told that your too egotistical or anything like that, you definitely need to read this book.  Even if you've never been told that in your life, buy this book and I reckon you'll get at least *something* out of it!

Read it over your lunch hour for 4 days or go to bed an hour early and read it.

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