Wednesday 12 September 2018

Wednesday 12th September 2018

The puppy was a reluctant little girl first thing... she refused to go for her walk while she was on the back of the sofa, but when she decided to jump down on her own she was eager to go for her walk then.

We only did 100% but she met our neighbour and wagged her tail at the children.  The older 2 children seemed to want to say hello to the pup and the youngest were too nervous about the puppy to really pay much attention to her.  Maybe they've had bad experiences of dogs in the past?

Her food is in her bowl for her to eat whenever she's hungry but I'm gonna take me morning cocktail of pills now.

That's the pills taken and another box of hayfever pills finished.  They all went down OKish today, thankfully.

Little sweetie puppy dog is having oneheckuva dream 'cos she's woofing away like a good 'un!  It's rare for her to make a sound when she's awake so it must be scaring/exciting her to do it in her sleep!

First survey of the day done and dusted... by this time yesterday I'd done 4 though!  lol

Still virus and malware free!

Money advice please - we've got a mortgage and no car.  I haven't seen my mum for 8 years.  Should I pay a chunk off the mortgage or pay for a used car for Steve please?

We've got 5 years left to pay on the mortgage so paying off a chunk of it would mean Steve could get a car after the final payment and I could go and see my mum again, I'd just have to wait for another 5 years is all and neither of us are getting any younger or healthier.

OTOH if I get us a car I can go over and see her sooner but we'd still be struggling to pay the mortgage for the next 5 years on top of having to buy insurance and MOTs and any repairs and stuff on top of that.

My credit score is through the floor and I'm determined not to get into debt ever again, so a car loan is out too, so what should I do please?

Taken me prescription so I'm gonna publish this now and head to bed I reckon.

Nite nite orl!

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