Sunday 2 September 2018

Sunday 2nd September 2018

That's the pup walked and fed.  She did 150% today so there's currently 500% in the bank from this week alone!

I'm gonna start from 0% every Monday morning to see how much extra she does each week.  I'm not taking the previous week's extra's forward but as long as she does at least 100% a day, I'll be happy with that.

Took the recycling and rubbish bag out which caused our weekly row then finding out that Steve hadn't raked up her poo before Steve forced me to take the recycling and rubbish out put me in an even worse mood.

It's done for another week now though, so I've just gotta take me cocktail of pills and then I can hopefully start to simmer down a bit.

That's me cocktail taken.  The Calcium was a PITA to swallow today though  👎

Had a blue screen of death which just about put the tin hat on everything, but it's for things like that, that I make sure to back up every week - just in case!  If I do lose everything because the hard drive has died again, I will only lose 7 days stuff at most.

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