Thursday 12 September 2019

Review: Simply Supplements 5 HTP

These are amazing pills which work within a couple of minutes from the very first one!  If you've never taken these before or you've missed a day or so then you might find you need two pills just for that first day but I've taken one a day for four days now and they are already working a lot better than the anti-depressant I had previously taken for 17 years.

So why am I knocking a star off if they are so great?

Purely because of the price.  If you take one a day then it's almost £90 a year just for this one supplement which is more than a *years* supply of my other four supplements combined even taking one a day!  If you take the maximum dose of three a day it's only 20 days supply for almost £15 which is even worse!

If the price was halved or the amount of pills doubled then I would have no hesitation awarding the full five stars, but right now it's just way too expensive.

I'll keep on buying them 'cos they work fantastically, but they just aren't as good value for money as the majority of the supplements on the site.

My CPN recommended them and said that they were the pre-cursor to anti-depressants and I can see why.  If you need a quick low mood pick-me-up then definitely try these, especially if, like me, you suffer at the hands of SAD, but please check with your medical bod first just to be sure that they won't interact with any of your other meds.

Keep up the great work, Simply Supplements!

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