Wednesday 25 September 2019

Wednesday 25th September 2019

Mornin' all.

The virus scan and laptop behaved first time this morning... is that an indication that my pills are gonna go down easily and maybe even a good day❓  I certainly hope so❗

The five pills all went down really easily, so hopefully that's an indication that today is gonna be a good day❗

Just bought meself a FitBit that'll be here tomorrow.  £65 but it does everything I want and has a year long warranty in case that goes wrong too.  Expensive but hopefully worth it.

Back from the blood test now.  Was there just gone 2pm, my appointment was 2.30pm so I was prepared to have to wait around for a loooong while but I was in at just gone 2.15pm and out by 2.20pm and back home again by 2.30pm❗

T'was a flippin' huuuuge needle that I regretted seeing immediately, 'cos my veins usually collapse with things like that which is why I turn my head away.  It was a good 5cm long but I barely felt the needle go in so the phlebotomist must have found a particularly good vein or something❗ 🤣

I opened a letter when I came home for my flu jab and there's a form to fill in 'cos Steve's my carer that needs to be returned to the surgery.  If I'd opened it this morning I could have taken it with me this afternoon 🙄

Just spoken to me mum on the phone 📞 - it was good to hear her voice again and I'm missing seeing her even more now❗  😔

I'm gonna head to bed 🛌 now I reckon.

Nite nite 🌙 orl.

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