Wednesday 4 September 2019

Wednesday 4th September 2019

Morning all.

I came down for a wee (our bathroom is downstairs) at about 3am and didn't put my glasses on... apparently I "looked like a zombie squirrel" - thanks then Steve lol

Time for me morning pills now - down to 7 pills a day now 'cos the 2mg prescription arrived yesterday so I just need to take one of them now instead of two - four in the morning, one at lunchtime and three in the evening.

All dosed up until just after lunch now.  Time to check my emails and see how the virus scan is doing.

The Calcium has been taken, so I've only got 3 more pills to take this evening now.

Just got back from seeing Brad (my CPN) and asked for recommendations to see me through the SAD months.  He suggested trying 5-HTP as it's, apparently, the pre-cursor to anti-depressants so I'm gonna go and have a look for that now.

Obviously check with your medical bods before you take it, to make sure it doesn't mess with any of your current meds, don't just take my unqualified word for it, but if you struggle with SAD too, then it might be worth trying?

He's asked for blood tests of all sorts of things including my Iron, vitamin D and vitamin B12 and for the results to go back to my GP, but I already take supplements and I feel fine on them and I'm hoping the 5-HTP will see me through until next year, alongside the coconut oil that saw me through last year, but I'm feeling really positive right now!

Just found the 5-HTP on Simply Supplements - less than £15 for 60 pills and I've got to take 1-3 tablets an hour before bed.  I'm gonna just stick with one pill a night initially, just to see what happens, but if there aren't any negative side-effects like there aren't with my current four daily supplements then I'll increase it to two as the SAD really starts to set in, at the end of September/beginning of October kinda time.

If you want a percentage off your order (I think it's 10% off your first order, but could be wrong) and you haven't already got an account with them, just look for the "referred by a friend?" link at the checkout and pop my name and email address ( in the box and you will hopefully get a price reduction or a refund of the amount when they've checked that it's a genuine order and that I'm a genuine customer of theirs instead of a bot or whatever.

If you've already got an account with them, you won't be able to get the money off, but if you go to Quidco first and sign up for an account (free is cool and groovy and the one that I use, but I'm pretty sure there's a premium account that you can pay for, I just don't have any experience of it) you get a certain amount of cashback from each order... it's 13% for existing customers atm, but it's subject to change at any time.  I've got over £200 cashback in my account so far, just from going via Quidco first and those few extra clicks have been so worth it for me!

Another cashback site is Top Cashback which is worth signing up for an account with too.  You can only use one or the other for each order, but it's worth signing up for both and comparing the amounts of cashback on each site before you order, but it's soo worth those few minutes at the start of each purchase.

Free money for things you were going to buy anyway is sooo worth it!

1½ hours after ordering from Simply Supplements and it's been dispatched so I'm guessing it'll be in my hands by the weekend, which is awesome!

WTG Simply Supplements!

That's me three evening prescriptions taken and I want an earlyish night, so I'm hoping to be in bed by 8.30pm tonight... bet I'll still be awake at 10pm and awake before 6am tomorrow though lol

It's almost 9pm so it's a bit later than I was hoping but I'm off to bed now.

Nite nite orl.

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