Wednesday, 14 October 2020

Calcium taken now, soooo...

...I'm all dosed up until this evening now, just waiting for the shopping to be delivered, then we'll put it away and wait for our little puppy to come home from the vets this evening!


I've done exactly 1,000 steps so far today, so the puppy obviously makes up for the other 6,000-ish steps every day.  My steps graphs on my exercise spreadsheets are going to be invisible today 'cos there's no way I'll do another 4,000 steps before I head to bed and 5k is the minimum on the sit-ups and leg raises graph lol  Won't be able to take any more days off with the steps for the rest of the month either, so that I hit my target of 28 days of at least 7k steps a day lol


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