Friday, 16 October 2020

Genuine question, not a joke...

...what's the difference between a police officer/PCSO and a "law enforcement officer" please?

While I was walking the puppy this morning she made friends with a "law enforcement officer" whose uniform looked like a traffic wardens, but the "law" bit is the bit that's confusing me 'cos it sounds like a more general legal thing like the police as opposed to just vehicles like traffic wardens!  Are they like highly trained traffic wardens or something please?

The puppy scoffed her breakfast straight away this morning and other than being a touch anxious at the start of our stroll, she's back to the puppy that we know and love again, thankfully.

She's got a dental thing to go through that's gonna cost over £300, but she's an old lady now, so that's to be expected!

Marie very kindly got me an' 'im a box of doughnuts to share as a joint birthday gift, so that's 3 people who are getting birthday gifts next year now.


I took my pills before we went for our stroll and put more courses that I want to do on my navigation page.  Had porridge with golden syrup for my brekkie and we're having the doughnuts for our lunch, so my blood sugar is gonna be through the roof today 🙄🤣

My laptop is still free of viruses and malware, thankfully, so my friends are all safe from this machine.  It may not be necessary to run virus scans as often as I do, but it gives me peace of mind, so it's worth it to me.


I've already taken a couple of photos of the sleepy puppy in her bed before we went for our morning stroll, so I'll put them up on my homepage now, while I'm waiting for my prescriptions to be delivered.

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