Thursday, 15 October 2020

Just done a bit of...

...rejigging, coding and uploaded a more organised navigation on my homepage - if you've been recently then hit Ctrl F5 'cos there's a couple of changes to the navigation as well as photos and videos of our senior puppy, but if you haven't visited for a while then there is more to see and it's more organised now too, so go and take a peek and leave me a message in my guestbook?  Please?


Steve's just had a message about the puppy... she's on a combination of wet and dry food for the moment "until her dental stuff is sorted out, then she can go back onto her normal food".  Basically it sounds like her teeth have been playing her up which is why she was so reluctant to eat, but mixing the wet and dry is working for her right now, so when the dental stuff is sorted she'll hopefully be back to her usual cheeky, happy, cuddly, terrier self soon.  Considering her age (11.5 years young) and that she didn't have the best start in life (she's a rescued puppy courtesy of the Dogs Trust who came to us with half a body of fur that the Dogs Trust had been treating since she was given up by her previous owners), she's been a really good, mostly healthy, addition to our little family!

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