Tuesday, 13 October 2020

What a day!

Had a veeeery early start this morning, so took my pills first thing, before I forgot again, then took the puppy out and had to literally hand feed her again, then Steve had my doughnuts and I had a banana for breakfast then he went off to his medical appointment and I just about had time to upload my weekly Fitbit report to my homepage before the enabler came about clearing out the house.  She brought someone with her and basically Steve's gotta bag up all the clothes he wants to keep and we've both gotta email the enabler with proof of our incomings and outgoings, which is fine by me, but I bet Steve'll conveniently forget again, just like he did with the expenses he was supposed to do and email her 6 weeks ago but didn't tell me until literally an hour or so before she arrived last time.


I've done everything I can now, just gotta wait for the ESA payment then I'll email it to her and it'll be up to Steve then.  I refuse to take the blame for things that I didn't even know about any more.


The Christmas gifts will be from just me again, but I bet Steve does what he did last year and claims that I forgot to add his name again.  Starting in 2021 I'll just be getting gifts for people who got me gifts the previous year, so I'll be getting my mum and C birthday gifts and getting my mum, C and Steve's family a birthday card each, but that's it now.  I refuse to repeatedly get blamed for things and Steve getting credit for the things I've done. Someone (C maybe??) said that I was a bit naieve sometimes, well not any more... I will take the blame only when something is my fault and I will treat others how they've been treating me from next year onwards.  Hopefully that'll thin out the people who say they care about me from the ones who genuinely do.

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