Thursday 19 January 2023

This morning's carer has just left and...

...she was the most useless one of the last two weeks combined!

She came in and asked if I was Amanda 3 times, then she said that I'll be having a shower today and I corrected her that it was a wash 3 times again, then she couldn't find the kitchen light switch 3 times, then she was looking for a sign in tag to scan and guess how many times I told her there wasn't one.

As I was getting undressed she phoned a friend and started talking to them and told me that I was having a shower again, I corrected her that I was having a wash in cold water and she started looking for a bowl.  I told her that I get washed at the sink using the cold water 'cos I can't afford hot water.

She tried to turn the bathroom light on using the air-lock switch 9 times then told me that the bathroom light wasn't working.  I told her that there was a cord for the bathroom light just in the doorway so she walked over to the sink, put the plug in and turned the hot tap on full blast then walked out of the bathroom and called someone else.


I rushed into the bathroom to turn the tap off before the sink overflowed with my pants and socks still on.


She said I needed to get undressed first and I'm standing there going "no shit Sherlock!" under my breath.  I came back out to finish getting undressed and she put moisturiser into the sink and goes "you need shower gel to get washed" but by that point I'd given up.  She took two towels and a microfibre cloth into the bathroom and went and stood by the sink "to wash you".  I said that I needed to be in front of the sink to wash myself and to give her credit she did actually move to the bathroom doorway first time then.


I squeezed through and gave her the un-needed towel and asked her to put it back into the basket... guess how many times I had to repeat myself?  Yep, another 3 times.


When I'd finished washing and drying myself she went into the hall and held up my cardigan.   I explained that I needed to sit down to dress and she went back through to the kitchen.  She picked up my bra and decided to mess it up then put my arm through it.  By that point I'd totally given up all hope of being able to function for the rest of the day and just let her do whatever she wanted to do.


By the time she'd finished dressing me she decided that she would phone someone to talk to them for the third time in the 10 minutes she'd been here "so that I stay for the full time" and I'm sat at the bottom of the stairs absolutely exhausted, in a great deal of pain, uncomfortable, in a lousy mood and I just want her to fuck off so that I can re-do it all over again.


What started off as a great day for me has rapidly turned into an awful day and now I've gotta somehow find the energy to re-wash and re-dress myself again so that I'm clean and comfortable.


If I never see her again it'll be too soon.

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