Thursday 29 June 2023


...weaker than I thought.

I've given up waiting for the person or people to arrive now so I've moved the clothes rail, my quad cane and Patrick back into the hall now.

The clothes rail was awkward rather than heavy but I got a face full of clothes with every tiny movement.

My quad cane was fine, of course, but Patrick was heavier and a lot more difficult to move compared to even this morning.  That might've been because all I've eaten all day is a bowl of muesli for breakfast and a packet of crisps for a very late lunch at about 3pm, but I think it's more than that... I'm getting wobblier and weaker all the time as the last 8 hours have shown.

Lunch tomorrow is salad again, so that won't give me energy either and it's the same for the rest of Summer too, so I'll be totally reliant on protein shakes to keep me functioning, which is far from ideal, but a necessary part of my life now, unfortunately.

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