Friday 30 June 2023


...some people use places like Freegle and Olio for the right reasons and then there are those who see that they can get things for free and want big things like woodworking tools, through to wheelchairs and yesterday someone even requested "A nice automatic car"!!  I don't think this person has offered even one thing yet they are straight in there with wanting an automatic car that costs thousands... it sounds like it has to be a fully working car too because they want it "for my job because I can't afford one" as well as wanting it fully taxed, MOT'd and insured with a full tank of petrol and for it to be delivered to them I assume too!

You're supposed to give 3 things for every "wanted" you post but I don't remember seeing anything other than the wanted's from any of those 3 people!!

I hope they don't get one or they get a really old rust-bucket that needs some serious repairs as they want it for free!

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