Saturday 24 June 2023

Mornin' all

How are you all doing this morning?

I'm doing OK, thanks for asking.

I've already taken my first 4 pills of the day and my daily virus scan found a couple of things that hackers could get hold of (or something like that) so I've resolved those and everything is fine and dandy again now.

I woke up pretty late compared to my usual 5.30am start, but then I was still wide awake at 9.30pm last night, and I'd much prefer that my body had the rest that it need rather than waking up at stupid o'clock every morning, so that's OK.

Rather than chasing up the pharmacy about my missing box of pills I'm gonna take the 5mg one every other day instead of every day and hope that I don't go too fruit-loop while I do it.  I know that I'm OK doing that for about a week but this will be for 2 months, which I've never done before so keep your fingers crossed that I don't go too loopy!

My morning carer is due any time now, so I'd best publish this and make a start on my day's to-do list, then hopefully publish it before she arrives.

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