Thursday 29 June 2023

Mornin' all

How are you all doing?

I'm trying to work out the best way to get around missing a month's supply of AP's.  Do I take the right dose for a month and then a third of the dose (which is all I'll be left with) for the next month and send me completely fruitloop, or do I take 2.5mg one day and 7.5mg the next day then 2.5 then 7.5 etc?  It'll last me two months until my next prescription but I don't know if I'll go loopy or not 'cos I'm getting the right dose every other day.

I've taken my morning pills and kicked off my daily virus scan so far this morning.  I'm not supposed to have any carers coming in today 'cos of getting the work done on the house, but the same was supposed to happen last week and they still turned up!

Gonna sort out my to-do list then make myself some breakfast I reckon.


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