Monday 26 June 2023

Mornin' all

How are you all diddling this morning?

I woke up in a great mood until I discovered that my VPN wasn't working, which sent my mood through the floor but thankfully a reboot fixed it.  I took my pills and ran the virus scan while it was getting its knickers in a twist, so that's OK.

I've gotta email the DWP later about being paid the wrong benefit overnight but I've officially got the backpayment for my newest benefit, so that's a relief... I wonder how long I've been awarded it for this time though 'cos I haven't had any paperwork about it so far, just a text and my SW had a phone call about it apparently.

I've gotta phone the pharmacy about my missing box of pills today and if they still say that they don't owe me any, I'll have to put in another prescription request for the missing box.

I'm gonna publish this now and make a start on today's to-do list while I recover from my fist useless carer of the week.

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