Monday 26 June 2023

Today's (26th June 2023) to-do list

  • Take morning pills
  • Run daily virus scan
  • Have breakfast
  • Put breakfast photo onto this blog and Instagram
  • Weigh myself
  • Log weight into FitBit
  • Download, code and upload FitBit spreadsheet
  • Get washed and dressed with my carer
  • Do my daily laps
  • Bring the rubbish sack back in
  • Bring the recycling containers back in
  • Do the news
  • Have lunch
  • Put lunchtime photo up on here and Instagram
  • Take lunchtime pill
  • Phone pharmacy
  • Move pots etc away from walls in back yard
  • Keep an eye on Freegle to see if anyone wants either of my offers
  • Keep an eye on Olio to see if anyone wants the old food
  • Offer Steve's footrest on Freegle
  • Write some more of the sequel
  • Read and review 9 Kindle Unlimited books
  • Take evening pills
  • Go to bed

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