Thursday 22 June 2023

Gooood morning all

Today is gonna be a good day and it's all down to last night's two pills that are the brand my body prefers.

I've already done my laps this morning, taken my pills, run the daily virus scan and been for a poo 💩 so I'm all set for the day.  I'm achey and wobbly but I'm in a good mood and my head is clear and I'm wide awake with more energy.  I've basically achieved more in the 90 minutes that I've been awake than I usually do all morning, so that's a good thing and might mean that I can do the news today.

I'm gonna publish this now, before my morning carer arrives, then make a start on putting together today's to-do list... not sure if I'll be able to publish it before she arrives but it'll make the best use of my time while I'm waiting.


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