Wednesday 28 June 2023

Rant alert!

Today's carer,T, was one of the most useless ones that I get.

She started off doing the washing up while I was filling the sink with cold water (which is what the majority of carer's do) then she crept into the bathroom and stood right behind me in silence.  I glanced over my shoulder and she was stood right behind me so that I couldn't move my arms.

I asked her to move several times and she goes "OK Love" but stayed exactly where she was.  It was only when I turned to the side so that I could wash my bits that she took a tiny step backwards so that I didn't bash her with my elbow.

I dried myself and she said that I should put cream on my body.  At which point I just didn't care so I said, totally honestly, that I don't have any.

I then put my deodorant on and she got right in next to me while I did it, then I turned back to the sink to brush my teeth and she sprayed some of my deodorant onto her glove I assume 'cos she didn't move her tunic so I'm assuming she didn't use it for herself in the normal way.

I brushed my teeth and it was just constant questions and touching my bare back throughout.

Getting dressed consisted of her putting my bra on backwards and my knickers inside out (again) then she put my top on backwards and by that point I just didn't care.  Next came the socks before I had a chance to brush the dirt off my feet, then my boots then she realised that I hadn't put my trousers on yet so pulled my boots off again, put one leg through before realising that my other leg wouldn't fit through no matter how hard she pulled the waistband.  I took the trousers off, undid the button and zip and put my trousers back on.

Now comes the joy of her trying to pull the legs down to fit inside my boots and I lost count of the times I had to repeat "long shorts" and "don't fit in boots".

She then wrote the notes on her phone while I came in here.

She followed me in and started sitting down on the other side of the sofa and I lost count of the number of times I had to say "no" and "wait" so that I could get my squash bottle and Graze box out of the way of her bum.

She then spent the next 7 minutes texting someone on her phone and I'm sat here thinking "just fuck off, please, just fuck off".

Then she realised what the time was and she stood up and said "going now!" and I breathed a huuuuge sigh of relief.

As a carer, she doesn't do much to earn the title or her wages!

I'm gonna update the to-do list, then get dressed properly this time, then have my breakfast.

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