Tuesday 27 June 2023

Mornin' all!

How are you all getting on this morning?

It looks like I'm gonna have a busy week this week 'cos I've got the groceries coming this afternoon, the cavity wall thing on Thursday and someone coming to pick up Steve's book on Friday, so tomorrow is my only free day this week.

I've taken my prescribed pills and started the daily virus scan so I've just gotta pop my supplements to keep me going through the day now.  I think I'll do my laps as soon as my morning carer has gone so that I can get them done and dusted before I have my lunch.  Gotta remember to put my FitBit image together and upload it today too, so it's gonna be a very busy day for me!

Gonna put up my day's to-do list then get ready for my morning carer... assuming she doesn't turn up before I've even finished this email like she did yesterday lol


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