Thursday 29 February 2024

Have I, at long long last, found...

...the setting that turns the central heating off constantly?

It's taken 3 factory resets in under 2 hours, but I'm reeeeally hoping I've found and adjusted the setting that made the central heating come on constantly between 6am and 10pm.

I've put the heating on time controlled and set the weekly timetable thing to be on twice a day, for an hour each time, instead of it being on permanently.

I'm not gonna fiddle with any more settings now, but if it works, I'll try the same for the DHW tomorrow to try and save a few more pennies.

Scary stuff, but not as scary as spending more in 1 week than I've budgeted for in an entire month!

I'm absolutely wiped out and in a great deal of pain, so I'm not gonna move off the sofa unless I need a wee before bedtime now.

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