Saturday 11 July 2015

3rd time lucky?

I've got the Beta version of TweetDeck but rarely use it.

One of the SCBWI groups I'm on have set up a couple of channels (or whatever they're called) that I want to have a go at taking part in.

I thought the Beta version was all I needed, but it's not playing nice with me so I downloaded the full version yesterday afternoon and set it installing.

About 2 hours after I set the installation going it was still not playing ball so I cancelled it and went to bed.

This morning I set it going again and I was given the option of repairing it or uninstalling it.

I chose to repair it.

It didn't work, so I uninstalled it and tried again.

It's now installed but doing a busy icon thing right now  *sigh*  I've got all day though, so if it's got nothing better to do then it's fine by me!

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