Thursday 9 July 2015

'Pet Rescue Saga' on Facebook

It's official.

I'm addicted to Facebook games.

First it was Farmville, then Cafe World, now Pet Rescue Saga.

I must have spend several thousand pounds on those games but I can't stop playing them!

It's like that with Theme Hospital too... cheap, cute game that seems easy to play until you spend "less than a tenner" several times, then "it's cheaper to spend more in one go and it'll keep me going for ages" then a week later I'm addicted!  lol

They are all simple games that gently reel you in until you're addicted to playing and you're spending hundreds a month because you "just want to get on to the next level, honest!"... I even know the script now!  lol

I spent pennies over £50 for 1000 gold bars an hour ago.  I've got less than 800 now!  lol

Seriously, the only thing that stopped me playing was because I needed to ask my friends to unlock the next level... I could have spent more gold bars to unlock it but thought I should stop playing before it got dark and I couldn't sleep!  lol

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