Friday 17 July 2015

43 out of 50 ain't bad, considering...

...the questions I got wrong weren't in the Highway Code which is the only thing I've read since getting my provisional license!  If I'd read the signs and signals books before taking the test then I would have got 49 out of 50!

Just gotta do that well with me driving now!

I'm thinking, if I get on OK on Wednesday and me and the driving instructor take each other on, that I'll ask for the first few lessons to be driving around just trying to remember what all the signs mean and stuff... I want to take it very slowly and steadily this time and not move on to the next thing until I've perfected the current thing.

I want to be a good, safe driver and if it costs me thousands then so be it!  Safety, in my eyes, is priceless!

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