Thursday 30 July 2015

I've only done it for 2 days, but...

...Yoga is changing my life already!

Tuesday I walked Mitzi up and down the street twice before she pulled back.

Yesterday (Wednesday) was the first time in my life I've done Yoga and it was all done with me still on the bed.  I doubled Tuesday's distance and walked the pup up and down the street four times.

This morning I tripled Tuesdays distance and we walked up and down the street six times, including picking up and binning Mitzi's poo and stayed on my feet the whole time.  She usually poo's in the back yard but does occasionally poo on her walk, like she did this morning.  I'm a responsible dog owner so always pick it up and bin it but I can't usually continue with the walk after that because my legs are shaking so much.

Not this morning though!

We walked up and down the street twice, Mitzi poo'd so I brought her back into the house, got her long handled pooper scooper and a nappy sack, cleared it up, binned it, then walked up and down another 4 times.

If this is what I can achieve after 2 days, then a week will be brilliant and I'll be walking the pup up and down the street 10 times a day by the end of the weekend!

Yoga is ace!

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