Tuesday 7 July 2015

3 years makes all the difference to my writing!

This will be my 5th NaNo year.

I can definitely tell the difference between my first (2011) NaNo novel and last years (2014).

My first NaNo still needs oneheckuva lot of editing and maybe even a total re-write.

My second NaNo was better but no-one I approached would take it on so I self-published it.

My third NaNo novel was really good and it's in a competition in SCBWI.

My fourth NaNo novel is my best work ever so far... edit number 1 required 3 hours work and I've put the opening lines into another competition.

I know I don't stand any chance of winning either competition, but that's not the point for me... I entered both competitions because I am proud of what I've written and it's that confidence I need to take into this year's NaNo... my first couple of chapters are the hardest to write while I get into my characters heads but after that my fingers dance over the keyboard!

It's the difference between my second and fourth novels that I'm so proud of... give me a few more years and I'll have improved even more!

Even the tallest mountain is climbed starting from the bottom with that first step into the unknown!

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