Friday 17 July 2015

Miss you Chris!

Chris made it safely to where he was going which is a relief but I already miss him!  The next 9 days are going to be awful!  I just want him back in my arms!

I've got my driving assessment on Wednesday though and will hopefully have a driving instructor by the time Chris comes back... I'm just taking it a day at a time right now.

Steve's carer took the Blue Badge application form and posted it for me this morning, it costs a tenner if I'm approved so I'll try and remember to use my secondary bank for that.

Most of my bills have come out of my bank now, thankfully, so I won't go overdrawn when the rest of 'em come out 'cos I'm paid again on Monday so I'll have enough in there then to cover the rest of the bills without worrying and if I decide to carry on with the rest of the lessons, I'll find out how much the block of 10 lessons costs and I'll pay for them on Wednesday... that's the deciding day for me!

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