Sunday 19 July 2015

M again

Just had an email from M.

She arranged something positive for someone and I didn't have a clue until she said about it in the message!

It sounds like it all went well and M is basking in the glory of having arranged something so good.

I gave up everything to move to Gloucester with Steve and M hasn't given up anything and neither has Steve!

Steve sees his family more in a month that I have since 2010!

I gave up 2 jobs I loved to be with Steve.

I gave up regular visits (a couple of times a month) to my mum in 2010 to be with Steve.

I gave up a home I'd lived in since I was born to be with Steve.

I gave up a pet to be with Steve.

I gave up knowledge of Oxfordshire to move to Gloucestershire (that I'd been to 3 times before I moved here) to be with Steve.

I gave up a wonderful GP and hospitals I knew to be with Steve.

I gave up my health to be with Steve.

I gave up everything to be with him and he's given up bugger all to be with me!

Same with M.  She's still got everything she wants and is comfortable with, a driving license and a car to let her go wherever she wants.  I still can't do anything right though!

Well screw you, M, now that I've got a provisional driving license I'm going to take lessons and I'm going to pass the tests this time and that'll mean I can see my mum more often and hopefully move back to Oxfordshire too, just so that M can see how little Steve does around the house and how little he cares about Mitzi even though he gets credit for walking, feeding and watering her as well as clearing up her poo out the back!

This is the end of the beginning and the start of a new attitude for me!

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