Thursday 2 July 2015

Mitzi made another friend this morning!

Mitzi is such a friendly pup.  She made friends with a family a couple of days ago and with another neighbour this morning too!

The lady said good morning to me then followed Mitzi's lead down from my wrist to Mitzi, she said hello to the pup and Mitzi was so happy to be talked to that she went up on her back legs and did a little dance!  The lady stroked Mitzi's head and Mitzi was in doggy heaven!  Such a friendly pup!

When the lady went to wherever she was going, I carried on walking Mitzi and she did a poo in the road outside our living room window, so I brought the pup in and went to clear it up.  By the time I'd put the long handled pooper scooper back there was a cat in the road, so I brought Mitzi back in, it had started raining and Jess came to do Steve's legs as well so we only went for a short walk this morning.

I might take her out again in a few hours, just to make sure she gets enough of a walk today, but the weather and cat will decide that for sure one way or the other.

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