Wednesday 15 July 2015

Just ranting - feel free to ignore!

There's a bloke on one of the forums I'm with that seems to think he knows everything and seems to enjoy telling me I'm wrong.  Every damn time I try and help someone, he sticks his nose into the thread and has a go at me and tells me how wrong I am.

I'm a human being FFS, not a machine!  I've never in my life said I know everything but then again I don't not know things either!  He seems to think he knows everything and like he's the most supportive and knowledgeable person in the entire universe!

Well I've got a surprise for you... you aren't a walking library and I'm not going to take a blind bit of notice from you from now on!

It was bad enough when there were 2 of you having a go at me but one of them has cared enough to apologise and now treats me with respect and I give the same back.  We will never be best mates, but we support each other as much as we can now.  Sometimes it's just offering a hug and leaving it at that, but you?  You take every opportunity that arises to have a go at me and put me down!

Well screw you, I'll just ignore you from now on and do my best to help others when they need it despite you trying to make me feel like a pile of manure on the bottom of your shoe!  You're as bad as BS and M, you're just another one that I'll just be polite to you and ignore you having a go at me!

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