Wednesday 15 July 2015

Do *not* read this if it's food time

If you've just eaten or are about to eat, don't read any further!

Mitzi let off a couple of really stinky farts last night.

Overnight she produced a huge poo (can't say I didn't warn you up there ^^) that was right outside the back door.

I've just cleared it up and wish now that I hadn't.  The smell from it had disappeared until I 'disturbed' it to clear it up.

It made my stomach turn!

I'm just glad that I invested in the long handled pooper scooper about 18 months ago... just this poo has made it worth the money so any other poo's I clear up will be bonuses... it's earned it's keep now!

If you've got a dog and you don't like picking up after him or her then get the pooper scooper and a multipack of nappy sacks, hold your breath for 10 seconds et voila!

Not pleasant by any means, but better than getting down to pick it up with your hand in a carrier bag!  It's one of the few unpleasant things about being a responsible dog owner but the unconditional love they give you is worth it!

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