Wednesday 15 July 2015

Done it now!

Just called the driving instructor and he sounded like a wonderful man!  Put me at my ease really quickly and talked through how my disabilities affect me.

Result of the call is that he's coming over next Wednesday (a week today) at 4pm for a driving assessment which will cost £15 then £21 per hour after that if we take each other on.

He said that we'd go somewhere very quiet so that he could see what I remembered and what I didn't.  Because of the brain damage we are going to take things very slowly and repeat everything several times so that we can be sure I remember it.

It's going to scare me silly the first few times I get behind the wheel because I can't remember which peddle does what... I know there's a clutch, brake and accelerator peddle, but I can't remember which is which and sitting in a new car will totally freak me out too!

He sounds like he knows how to put me at my ease though, so Wednesday will be the decider.  If I don't feel comfortable with him then I won't book any more lessons, but if he's patient with me then I've found myself a driving instructor!

Wish me luck!

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