Monday 27 July 2015

How do you explain to a man...

...what the womanly "OMG, she's wearing the same clothes!" moment to a man who's got even less fashion knowledge than me.

I'm no sort of follower of fashion or anything, but after reading this I chuckled and couldn't explain why to Steve.

I read it to Steve and he shrugged his shoulders.

I tried to explain what little I know about fashion and wearing the same clothes as another woman being embarrassing.  Steve said "so?"

I then tried to explain about wearing a Gloucester rugby shirt to a Bath game and he just shook his head.

I'm now all out of ideas so I'm asking for a way to explain it to him now... if you've got any ideas of other ways to explain it to a man, just leave a comment in reply to this and how you want me to credit you and I'll read exactly what you write to him.

Thank you! 

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