Friday 3 July 2015

That's reassuring!

I've just had someone on the phone from the bank my publishers (AH) have an account with, about the money that I paid J.E to his personal account instead of to AH.

The man I spoke to is going to look in to it for me to see if there's any way to find out if I'm protected somehow because J.E lied to me and said I was paying for things that would happen after my book was published and then vanished into thin air and AH didn't have a record of any of the money I paid or the things J.E promised me.

Basically it sounds like AH are taking it seriously since I sent them the statements as proof of what I'd paid J.E for and I'm hoping there's a chance I'll get at least some of the money back and stopping J.E doing it to anyone else!

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