Wednesday 22 July 2015



Just got back from my first driving lesson for 18 years and the first time I've ever driven in Gloucester.

It was awesome!

I'll never be a professional driver, but as long as I'm a confident and safe driver I don't care!

I just want to be able to drive over and see me mum in my own little car and all alone then we'll take it from there!

I don't care if it costs thousands, the safety of other road users and pedestrians and personal confidence in my ability is all that matters!

You and me on 31st July, brain damage, I'll take you on and win.  You've had too much control over the years and I'm going to start taking my life back now.  First it was the quad cane, then the wheelchair, now a car - I'm slowly getting my independence back and I'll win this time!

Independence is my catch-phrase from now on and I feel sorry for anyone who tries to get in my way now!

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