Saturday 21 January 2023

Mornin' all

I'm not having a good day, mentally, this morning so I'll be very reliant on the sweet goodness of chocolate to help me to cope.

I've taken my morning pills and I've got my first drinking chocolate of the day on the go.  Can someone remind me to order the picture frame tomorrow morning so that I can get Steve's picture re-framed and back up in the hall pretty please?

Judging by yesterday I'll be doing a great deal of reading so that I can cope better with everything that is thrown at me like I did yesterday afternoon.  I might invest in a book of short stories or use my Kindle Unlimited subscription to get more children's books to read... gotta make sure that all the other bills are covered first though.

This morning's carer has just been and gone and it was Mary again.  She's considerably better than the first day now and I'm washed, teeth brushed, deodoranted and dressed now, so I think I've earnt a caffeinated coffee lol

Depending on how I feel between now and lunchtime, I may not need to read today, like I did yesterday... I'll see how I feel and take it from there.  Might make a start on reading and reviewing my next book, but it won't be as a coping method this morning.

I've added a couple of cartons of treat-sized chocolates to the next two grocery shops so that'll help my mood too, assuming that they're in stock of course lol

I had two anti-track subscriptions for some reason and the individual one out at midnight so I thankfully logged in to make sure of how much it would cost to renew and cancelled the second subscription, so I'm sorted until September now then it's £105 for another years protection which is sooo worth it to me.


My daily virus scan was clear so now it's time to sort out my to-do list for today.


I worked out at 5am that I'll still be able to take part in NaNo this year as long as I keep only getting carers twice a day 'cos I'll be able to put in about 12 hours of writing a day, so I won't be able to beat my PB of 6 days any more, but that's OK 'cos my hygiene and health are more important than writing while I'm getting carers in now.  I'll still aim for 5k words a day, but I won't feel guilty if I don't manage it 'cos so much has happened since NaNo22 that I won't be able to do it again.  This year is finding something that works for me now that I'm alone and that's OK.


Time to put my daily to-do list together then go and make myself a coffee now I reckon.




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