Friday 10 August 2018

Friday 10th August 2018

I took me prescription at 4.30pm yesterday and was awake 12 hours later.  Stayed in bed until 5am then came down and started the weekly virus scan going.  Started reading the rest of the novel that I started yesterday afternoon and I'm almost two thirds of the way through already.

When it got light I took the pup out for her walk then came home and fed her then Steve gave her her pill and I did her ear then read another chapter, took me supplements and even remembered the hayfever pill this time too!

Already achieved a lot and I'm hoping to get the book finished by early afternoon so that I can review it and then get the surveys done so that I can write a bit more of my own manuscript!

I'm hoping that the new supplements will come with the post and apparently Steve's waiting for a delivery too.  He's getting paid to be my carer for 35 hours a week, but I'm lucky to get an hour out of him.  Me, OTOH isn't getting any money for being Steve's carer but I do more for him in one morning than he does for me in a fortnight!!

26% of the virus scanning is already done and its only been going for 4 hours!!  I'll have to start it at 5am more often lol

Just finished reading the novel and I totally wasn't expecting the last sentence at all!  Can't find it on Amazon to leave a review for some reason though  😕

Me supplements have turned up and they sound smaller than the current Calcium pills, thankfully... as long as they aren't any bigger than the current multi I'll be happy, but if they are capsule sized then it's no biggie, I'll just have to crunch them up but I'll be taking just the one single supplement every day instead of the three that I currently take!

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